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martial arts


fight fit

Medium Impact / indoor athletic shoe / PREVENTION

This trademarked class was originally designed as a Women’s Self- Defense program. Refined over the past 15 years, it is now open to women and men. Receive a full body workout as you practice the basics of preparedness and mental fitness, and learn to handle obstacles and life threatening situations… this is Self Defense 101!


self defense

Medium Impact / Gi pants / PREVENTION

Learn how to deal with violent attacks and other common threats in today’s world. When preventative awareness fails, be prepared with natural reactions that are instilled in your muscle memory. There are no ranks, no tests; this is a simple and effective self-defense class that is beneficial for all ages, genders and physical activity levels.


weapons training

Medium Impact / Weapon of Level / CHOREOGRAPHY

Training in weapons can save your life and your loved ones. The class teaches you to use weapons in a self-defense situation through practical and effective drills. Learn the history and purpose of the traditional martial arts weapons while learning how weapons can be an extension of your body.

martial arts